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What would NormaTec Compression Therapy be useful for?

NormaTec is most commonly used to help with areas of poor circulation, whether that is from tough workout resulting in pain and inflammation, or from an injury or post-surgical inflammation, or suffer from diabetes. NormaTec helps to break up the lactic acid that builds up in the muscle tissue, enhance blood flow, and speed recovery.
What areas of the body does this work?

Arms: compression starts at the fingertips and works its way up towards the scapula.

Hips: compression starts at the mid-thigh and works its way to the lower back and abdomen.

Legs: compression starts at the toes and works its way to the top of the thigh.
How long does a session take?

Typical sessions run anywhere between 30-60 minutes. To receive the full benefits of NormaTec, we suggest using it for at least 30 minutes.
What should I wear?

We advise that you wear comfortable, tight-fitting clothes. The reason for this is at times the sleeves can compress fairly tight and looser fitting clothing can bunch causing an uncomfortable experience.